Penetration testss

Penetration tests of web and mobile applications

We conduct a controlled attack on your company’s resources in order to find and secure locations that can be used by cybercriminals. Our tests are conducted after thorough agreements defining the scope of analysed infrastructure, time, and allowed actions. We use the following methods: OWASP, OSSTMM, and NIST - expanded on the basis of experience gained over years.

Security of websites
If you manage a website, Internet shop, or corporate portal, you are a potential target for attacks. The intruders will try to replace your website, immobilise it, or even steal data, which in turn endangers you to loss of customers, drop of turnover, and, most of all, the destruction of your image that is difficult to rebuild.

In order to protect your website, we will check its resistance to attacks. We have at our disposal tools and skills that will provide you with information about what is not operating properly and will allow you to eliminate errors. By co-operating with us you have a guarantee that your portal will operate efficiently.

Regardless of whether you use original solutions or ready to go application such as Joomla, Wordpress, or Drupal - the security of your website is endangered. Do not wait until cybercriminals steal your data, contact us to receive a personalised offer.

Mobile applications
The constantly growing popularity of mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and the gargantuan increase of applications for these platforms result in new threats related to information protection.

In order to minimise the risk of attack using mobile technologies, we thoroughly test and verify the applied solutions and search vulnerabilities that can impact the security of applications dedicated for the Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows Phone, and Symbian platforms. Contact us to test the security level of your mobile application.

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