Red Team vs Blue Team tests

Red Team vs Blue Team tests

The origins of this type of tests are related to the military, where experts have invented a reliable method to evaluate the security system from a new point of view. This change of perspective allows us to find gaps and shortcomings that were unnoticed up to this point.

The idea is simple: the Red team, comprised of experienced pentesters attacks a given object, for example, a web application or network infrastructure. The task of Blue team (which can include employees of a given company) is to effectively defend against Red team. The advantage of this method over traditional penetration tests consists of, among other things, examination of operation of the whole security system; aside from the hardware part, this covers the actions of IT specialists, their vigilance, and ability to solve a crisis. The attractive form of tests and competition makes these tests even more effective, and lessons learned from them – even more lasting.

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